Life is Fragile

A message from Alice Wilson, whose vision has produced this poster.

“For some time now I have held the conviction that a poster saying: “Life is fragile, treat it with prayer” could be very helpful if displayed throughout Britain.  As a young teacher these words changed my life.

I spotted a simple poster on display carrying exactly these words at St. Osmund’s Church, Salisbury back in the 80’s when I was in my first secondary school teaching post. I was sitting on the bus at the time and the words really moved me. So much so that from that day onwards prayer has played a significant role in my life.  For example, every pupil I have ever taught has been prayed for and as a result, however challenging a class or pupil I never felt alone……

I feel that the poster might be able to do that for others too, in whatever walk of life they may find themselves.

It would be wonderful if you would like to help turn this conviction into reality. I cannot think of a more unifying statement for the church to make to UK citizens, particularly at this time.”

Should you wish to join Alice in the venture, we would be pleased to send you any posters you may require. The poster is free, but to cover postage costs we would have to ask for a contribution of £4.20 per order (max 5 per church).

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