From Amos to Spiritual Awakening

Prophetic outlook for the coming days by Rev Dr Clifford Hill

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The message to the people of Samaria who were lounging in comfortable complacency was a warning of fast approaching doom. In fact, Samaria was destroyed less than 10 years after Amos had blown his warning trumpet. The whole nation of Israel had turned its back upon God. The king had set up a golden cow at Bethel for worship, telling the people that this was the god of Israel. God withdrew his cover of protection and blessing, leaving the nation open to destruction.

Amos: Fresco by Melozzo da Forlì
(Image: Amos: Fresco by Melozzo da Forlì

Moral landslide

This is a snapshot of the recent history of Britain. When I began ministry in 1950, churches were full and there was a strong sense of optimism, with people working together in local communities to rebuild the nation following the ravages of the war. Then came the cultural revolution of the 1960s, followed by the industrial discontent and bitter strikes of the 1970s, followed by the ongoing social revolution from the 1980s and 90s.

God withdrew his cover of protection and blessing, leaving the nation open to destruction … This is very much a snapshot of the recent history of Britain.

Today, virtually all the social values I inherited in my childhood have disappeared. I was taught simple values like: God first, others second, self last. Today, God has been abolished, others do not matter, and self is supreme. Even popular colloquialisms reflect these values. People say, ‘me and my partner’ instead of ‘my partner and I’. The ‘Me-First’ generation control everything and do not tolerate any contrary concept. Even our universities, which were once bastions of free speech, are controlled by the ‘Me Generation’ who cancel out all opposition.

Writing in this magazine last week, Dr Campbell-Jack said, “What was once a liberal, tolerant society which sought to build communities has become censorious and intolerant with self-interest reigning supreme, resulting in a society where anything goes and nothing works.” On a similar theme, Melanie Phillips said in a brilliant article last week that universities in both Britain and America, “have become the stamping ground of the new equivalent of the Hitler youth: tens of thousands of young people baying for the extermination of Israel and the blood of Jews as their response to the Hamas pogrom of October 7 and subsequent war in Gaza.”

Islamic takeover

Phillips went on to identify the Muslim Brotherhood as being behind the radicalisation of impressionable young students. She said that the British and US governments “have failed to identify the Muslim Brotherhood — the parent of Hamas and the global fount of Sunni jihadi aggression — as a subversive enemy of the west which must be isolated and neutralised.”

The Muslim Brotherhood plays an important role within the Muslim Council of Britain and exercises increasing influence in local government in many areas of Britain

Instead, Western governments have turned a blind eye while the Brotherhood steadily advances its agenda, not just on campus but throughout the West. In Britain the Muslim Brotherhood plays an important role within the Muslim Council of Britain and exercises increasing influence in local government in many areas of Britain. We also have a Muslim Mayor of London and a Muslim First Minister of Scotland.

David Pawson Book The Challenge of Islam to ChristiansToday it looks as though we are sleepwalking into Europe becoming Muslim dominated. Muslims are certainly using their money to take over the world of sport, with golf and football becoming prime targets, and soon they may own The Telegraph, paving the way for controlling the media in the West. But I do not think this is inevitable.

I met with David at that time and told him that I believed his prophecy was false. Of course, I know that both Jeremiah and Ezekiel believed that God was using Nebuchadnezzar for working out his purposes (Jer 27:4). In the same way God could use Islam to demonstrate his wrath against the apostasy of the Western nations and the warning signs of this are already to be seen.

But I do not believe that God has abandoned Britain. There is still a praying, Bible-believing remnant in this country sufficiently strong to provide a base for a change of direction. Never has there been greater need for the Bible believing remnant in all denominations to close ranks, support each other and be active in the community, both in good works and in declaring the faith.

Ecclesiastical & financial crises

Looking to the future, I see several things. I expect to see a split in the Church of England in the near future. There will be a clear break between the evangelical Bible-believing sector and the liberal progressives. This has been threatened since the days of Archbishop Donald Coggan in the 1970s, but the powerful drive to maintain ‘unity at all costs’ has sacrificed truth for expediency.

This split will have national consequences. The bishops will lose their seats in the House of Lords and there will be ramifications for the monarchy, but the liberty for the Bible-believing remnant to concentrate upon evangelism and sociocultural outreach using community development principles will enable their churches to flourish while the progressives will continue to decline. There is already significant growth to be seen in some Bible believing Anglican churches that are following these principles.

On the national scene I believe a point will be reached where there is a severe financial crisis, with the nation facing bankruptcy.

On the national scene I believe a point will be reached where there is a severe financial crisis, with the nation facing bankruptcy. This will sharply increase the levels of mental disorder, anxiety, and depression, as well as social unrest challenging social order. But a positive outcome in the nation will see this transform from a spirit of despair into a spiritual re-awakening, with the Bible-believing remnant leading the way. There is a significant verse in Ezekiel in which God says, “Do I take any pleasure in the death of the wicked? declares the Sovereign Lord. Rather, am I not pleased when they turn from their ways and live!” (Ez 18:23).

Do not be troubled

There are two unfulfilled modern prophecies that I expect will be fulfilled in the foreseeable future. They are the Mother Barbara Prophecy of 1911 that Britain will reach a point of despair but will be saved by praying women. The other is a word given to Jean Darnell who saw prayer groups like little lights all over the country gradually shining brighter and joining up to become a light over the whole country.

I believe God is longing to see the first signs of breaking the confidence of the ‘Me-generation’ through despair, leading to repentance in the nation – beginning in the Church. Then God will rapidly move to pour out his Spirit in blessing, which will result in a major change in the nation. This will include a great Muslim harvest as vast numbers will discover the errors of Islam and accept Jesus as Lord and Saviour.

There are many signs of this already happening in parts of the Middle East, including Iran, although in the long term I foresee a period of continuing decline in Western civilisation through corruption and decay, with an increasing battle between Islam and Christianity. We may expect days of conflict to continue until the second coming of Christ, “war will continue until the end” according to Daniel 9:26 and 2 Thessalonians 2:3.

But Christians should not be troubled or fearful for Jesus has given a solemn promise that He will never leave His disciples alone (John 14 and 15).

1 David Pawson, The Challenge of Islam to Christians. The quote is found in: A Christian Response to the Challenge of Islam